Why You Should Have Video Coverage of Your Wedding

Isabel Luna - 04/05/2022 - 0 comments

With the expenses, anticipation, and time spent planning a wedding, you want to be able to relive those memories for decades to come. For many couples, photography is the way to capture the moments of their special day. And while still images are a perfect way to remember your wedding day, there are other ways to capture memories as well. Capture the emotion and story of your love with professional video coverage of your wedding day.

Videography is a true art and there is a new wave of wedding videographers with exceptional technical skills and artistic approaches. When you choose to have video coverage of your wedding day what you’ll receive is a proper feature film or documentary of your special day. Wedding videographers understand that your wedding is a special day where people you cherish come together to celebrate your love as a couple. Here are just some of the reasons why you should consider having video coverage of your wedding day.

Video Captures Movement and Sound

One of the most important moments in your wedding is your vows to each other. When you have video coverage of your wedding you can relive your vows again and again. Video allows you to capture the speeches of the night, the music of your first dance, the laughs, and even the tears! When you have videography of your wedding you get to feel the emotion of that day, not just see it.

Experience Moments You Missed

You can’t be everywhere at once. That is especially true on your wedding day. You are busy getting ready and might even be separated from your fiancé. Since you can’t be everywhere, let the videographer be! Watch as the groomsmen or the bridesmaids get ready. Watch the reactions as your partner reads your note before you walk down the aisle. Watch the dancing and the laughs take place on the dance floor that you missed. A video also allows you to see your wedding day from different perspectives. Videography allows those moments to be captured on film so that you can be a part of the moment after it’s passed.

Have a Curated Video of Your Special Day

On your wedding day, you’re the star. Why not have a feature film created for your special day? Videography is no longer just a video with cut-ins and cut-outs. Today, it is an art. A good videographer will create a curated video of your wedding day. They can prioritize the most important memories and create a highlight of them with perfectly placed music and words. You can easily incorporate special sayings, names, dates, and even the destination wedding location in your curated wedding video.

Live Streaming Is Inclusive

When you have a destination wedding, some guests may not be able to attend. When you incorporate videos into your wedding you can easily include them on your special day. Your guests can watch you as you exchange vows, rings, and your first kiss as a married couple. A destination wedding means that some important people in your life may not be able to attend due to age, health issues, or time constraints. A live stream of your wedding day is a way to expand your guest list virtually to the many people you want to be a part of your day.

Creative Ways to Capture Your Wedding

Drone footage of your wedding day is perfect for showing the full beauty of your wedding day and location. You can show off your destination wedding with views of the location, ocean, and your ceremony. Have a birds-eye view of your ceremony with drone footage.

Videos Are Easily Shareable

When your photographer sends you the photos of your wedding day there will be hundreds to view. Bringing those with you to show friends and family can be challenging. Video allows you to easily share and watch your wedding day together with your loved ones. You can share the memories easily with sound and music with family members and friends who were not able to attend your destination wedding. Shareable video content means that you can also allow loved ones to view the video without you being there. They can relive the moments of your special day again and again.

The Most Precious Keepsake

Imagine reliving your wedding day, as if you were just there, on your 25th anniversary. With video, you can easily go back in time to that special day. You can experience the music, sounds, and emotions of your wedding day. Investing in a videographer creates a time machine in the form of video. In the years to come, this video will become even more precious as life changes occur like children, anniversaries, and the passing of loved ones. A curated video of your special day will become a precious family keepsake that you will treasure forever.

Adventure Photos Captures Your Memories on Video

When you are looking to capture the moments of pure love on your wedding day there are options to consider. Photos can display the emotions and love you felt that day. Video captures the essence with sound, movement, and curated footage. Together, videography and photography provide you with endless memories of your special day. Your dedicated videographer from Adventure Photos will catch all of the reactions, laughs, speeches, and special moments of your day. We’re prepared to answer any questions you have about video coverage of your wedding day.

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