Wedding Party Photo Ideas

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One of the most important considerations when thinking about photography for your wedding is what kind of photos you’d like taken. While the expert wedding photographers at Adventure Photos have plenty of ideas and suggestions to share, it’s worth exploring ahead of time to discover what wedding party poses and styles you like best. Do you prefer classic posed shots where everyone faces the camera, or do you like candid photos taken in the heat of the moment? Do you prefer your poses to be stylized and serious like a photoshoot, or do you want a more fun, playful vibe to your images? We’re happy to accommodate all these requests and everything in between!

The Boy Band Walk

Groomsmen walking towards the camera

This shot is all about fun and hamming it up for the camera! Have your groomsmen do a slow-motion walk like a boy band or have a group photo where everyone plays up the drama with serious faces (like on an album cover). See if you can keep a straight face between takes!

The Peek Behind

Bridesmaids holding up flowers in the air

Have your bridesmaids stand in a line with the bride in the middle. While the bridesmaids face forward, the bride should look back over her shoulder in the direction of the camera for a sweet, intimate snapshot that captures the joyful mood.

Alternating Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

Bridesmaids and groomsmen alternating around bride and groom on the beach

If you have an even number of bridesmaids and groomsmen, pair each of them off and take a photo that alternates from bridesmaids to groomsmen, with the bride and groom centerstage. It’s a fun twist on the traditional posed group shot.

The Getting Ready Celebration

Bridal party in robes celebrating while getting ready

Getting ready is half the fun! Capture you and your bridesmaids laughing and enjoying the process. For extra emphasis on the bride, have the bridesmaids wear matching robes in a vibrant color while the bride wears white.

The Classics

Groom posing in the middle with his groomsmen

The classic posed wedding shots are classics for a reason—everyone loves them! Gather your wedding party and your loved ones for classic posed group shots that show you at their best and ensure that everyone you want photographed ends up in front of the camera.

Jump in the Air

Bride and groom share a kiss while the wedding party jumps in the air behind them

It’s your wedding day—why not jump for joy? Line up your wedding party and take a group shot mid-air for a comical, whimsical photo guaranteed to make you smile. The bride and groom can join the fun, or alternatively, share a kiss for a sweet moment in between the chaos.

Pop the Champagne!

Bride and her bridesmaids popping champagne while getting ready for the big day

What’s more fun than popping the champagne? It’s time to celebrate, after all! Capture this moment either during the process of getting ready, or even upon your entrance as a couple following the ceremony. This makes for a beautiful candid photo, and old-time black-and-white photography adds a classy touch.

The Perfect Symmetry

Symmetrical photo of bridesmaids assembled beside the bride and groomsmen assembled beside the groom

This is a different take on the classic group photo where you line up the bridesmaids on the groom’s side and the groomsmen on the bride’s. It creates a cool color-blocking effect and symmetry on both sides, drawing the eye to the center where the happy bride and groom smile at the camera.

Capture Your Special Day with Adventure Photos

At Adventure Photos, we’re eager to collaborate with you on your wedding photography needs to ensure that you receive vibrant, beautiful images to last you a lifetime. With many packages to choose from and locations in numerous resorts around Mexico, Dominican Republic and Costa Rica, we’re easily accessible for your destination wedding. Book with us today and we’re confident that with your vision and our expertise, your special day will be just that—truly special.

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