Tips for Groom Photos

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Our Adventure Photos team has put together a list of tips when taking grooms’ photos, so your favorite gentlemen can feel comfortable getting in front of the camera. While weddings sometimes seem like they are all about the brides, grooms deserve some TLC too. Our professional photographers are adept at encouraging grooms and their groomsmen to show off their authentic selves and take photos with genuine personality.

To support all the grooms who are waiting for their moment in front of the film, here are some ways to take photos you actually like (and like to share!):

Plan and prepare ahead of time

Photo of groom on wedding day

Photos you’ve given a lot of thought to naturally turn out better. If you want your groomsmen to part with their suits to put on matching outfits, strike particular poses or engage in some creative activity during your photoshoot, these special additions to your day require planning. Connect with your photographer and your partners in photo crime prior to your photoshoot to incorporate additional personal flare.

Be yourself

Groom getting ready

We know this is a cheesy thing to say, but this is your special day, and your photos should reflect that. Do whatever it takes to relax and act natural. A genuine smile, real laughter and sincere look of love in your eye will be reflected in your photos, making for the types of pictures that will warm hearts and make you proud.

Take care of your tux and your tux will take care of you

Groom wearing blue tuxedo with navy bowtie

Regardless of what you are wearing on your wedding day, ensure you are wearing it well. From pressing your suit through to wearing deodorant to avoid sweat stains, you will feel more confident in front of the camera if you feel comfortable in how you look. Also, keep your phone and keys out of your pockets – they are not a good look!

Invite your photographer in for special moments

Best man adjusting groom's bowtie

The most magical parts of your wedding don’t just occur at the altar. If you and your wife are exchanging gifts ahead of time, you are seeing a favorite relative after a long time apart or you and your friends are giving pre-wedding jitter speeches, make sure your photographer is aware so they can be part of these special moments.

Try your best to ignore the camera

Groom with a fedora at a destination wedding

A great photographer will blend into your wedding day. They will catch you off guard, while you are enjoying each moment. Allow that to happen by not seeking out the camera and focus solely on getting caught up in your day, rather than getting caught on film.

Try your best to feel refreshed

Groom with cup at destination wedding

When hosting your wedding in a tropical destination, it’s easy to get carried away in the celebration. With that said, hosting a big party and late night right before your wedding day may not translate into the most fresh-faced photos, so try to get some rest and drink lots of water. A good skincare routine never hurts either.

Work with a photographer you like and trust

Groom with groomsmen on the beach

We should have made this the first tip because it is definitely the most important. It’s so much easier to be yourself and get the wedding photos you are after if you are working with a photographer who puts you at ease and helps organize your photoshoots for the day.

We have many more tips and tricks for getting our grooms to look and feel great on their big day

Whether you are a soon-to-be groom or loving bride who wants the best for their future hubby, reach out to our Adventure Photos team to learn about our techniques for curating exceptional photography experiences. From camera-shy grooms to rowdy Best Men, we have worked with a wide variety of clients and love the opportunity of showing them the difference a professional photography team can make.

Groom and groomsmen in red jacket on beach

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