Vibrant Couples Photo Shoot at Secrets Cap Cana

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Tiona & Raikheem

Stunning Destination Wedding

There is nothing better than a great love story between great people. Tiona is a nurse and her husband, Raikheem, is active in the military. With three kids at home between the ages of 10 and 8 months old, the couple was able to enjoy some quiet time away to celebrate their 6th wedding anniversary at Secrets Cap Cana. During their stay, they met up with Adventure Photos’ lifestyle photographer, Kenny Sencion for a romantic photo session on the beach.

We are excited to share their love story with your further as we walk you through some of our favorite images from their shoot!

Couples Photo Shoot at Secrets Cap Cana Captured by Adventure Photos

How did you meet your partner?

We met at the age of 13 years old. We lived in the same neighborhood and actually met on crazy terms.  I was a Tom girl and wanted to fight him. I quickly changed my mind when I saw how cute he was. We became friends. Even with him moving hours away, we kept in touch. We reunited about 3 years later in high school and have been inseparable since then.

Candid Photo of Couple During Lifestyle Photo Session with Adventure Photos

What is your favorite thing about your partner?

His patience, forgiveness, and smile.

What is your favorite style of date night?

With three kids now, we enjoy peace and quiet during date nights although that eventually turns into loud laughs and dancing after a few drinks.

Couples Photo Session at Secrets Cap Can by Onsite Photographers Adventure Photos

What drew you to having a lifestyle photography shoot with Adventure Photos, were you celebrating something special? 

We were celebrating our 6th anniversary. We didn’t have good wedding photos and wanted a “do over” in a beautiful location this time. I saw a few photos done at the resort by Adventure Photos and fell in love with them.

Photo of Couple at Secrets Cap Cana during Lifestyle Photo Shoot with Adventure Photos

What was your experience like working with your Adventure Photos photographer?

It was AMAZING! We felt very comfortable and had fun. Kenny did an awesome job.

Romantic Couples Beach Photo Shoot at Secrets Cap Cana by Adventure Photos

What was your favorite photograph? What makes it so special?

My favorites were the photos with us interacting with each other. Looking at each other, laughing, and just being us. So much love was captured in those photos and they brought back emotions that are typically overlooked when dealing with everyday life. The photos definitely reminded us of all the fun and love we share.

Beach Lifestyle Photo Session by Adventure Photos at Secrets Cap Cana

If you could give advice to couples considering a photo shoot , what would it be?

Just book the photoshoot! If you’re hesitant, don’t be. The memories will be there forever. The love, fun, scenery, and overall experience is so worth it.

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