Fun Family Photo Shoot at Dreams Playa Mujeres

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The Sullivan Family

Beach Engagement Session

The Sullivan family took the time to relax, unwind and reconnect on the sunny sands of Dreams Playa Mujeres resort in Cancun. To document their memories during their stay, they met up with Adventure Photos onsite family photographer Daniel. The family (and Daniel) had so much fun during their photo session and we cannot wait to share these adorable images with you!

Family Photo Session on Beach During Vacation to Dreams Playa Mujeres

What is a typical day in the life at the Sullivan home?

As a family of five, we are always on the go and life can feel very hectic. Full-time jobs for mom and dad, school, sports and daycare for the kids. Between the coming and going, it can be so hard to connect. For us, booking a vacation helps us regroup and reconnect.

Family Lifestyle Photo Shoot on the Beach at Dream Playa Mujeres by Adventure Photos

Why did you choose your vacation destination?

After extensive research, we chose Dreams Playa Mujeres because we were looking for a resort in Cancun with a more private feel where we could really connect and bond as a family. An added bonus was the turquoise waters and white sand beaches. The location did not disappoint!

What was your family’s favorite memory of your vacation?

We arrived at the tail end of a tropical storm so the first full day was nothing but terrible rain. We decided to make the most of it by sendingĀ our daughter to the kids club (which she loved), our boys spent the day at the teen club and my husband and I spent the whole afternoon in the hot tub under an umbrella. It was hysterical and fun and most definitely memorable.

Family Portrait on the Beach During Cancun Vacation Captured by Adventure Photos

Do you have a favorite photo from your session? Why is it your favorite?

This is an easy question! Hands down it is the last photo of the day with our family lined up in a row on our bellies in the sand. We were all hot, sweaty and ready to be done, but we trusted our photographer and went for the pose, and I’m so glad we did as it turned out beautiful.

Adorable Family Photo Captured During Beach Photo Shoot with Adventure Photos

Why did you decide to schedule a family photo shoot at your resort?

I wanted this vacation to be unforgettable for our family, so why not slow down and capture that love on camera?

Family Portrait Captured by Adventure Photos Onsite Photographers at Dreams Playa Mujeres

What was your experience like working with your Adventure Photos photographer?

Daniel was very patient, kind and delivered on all of my requests. I wanted a mix of full family, individual and smaller group shots. He did just that and I found a picture for every box on my list. The session was quick, but without feeling rushed. He captured so many quality photos and even helped coach us through opening our eyes on the count of 3, the sun was brutal and I was so worried everyone’s eyes would be closed in every photo – this was not the case thanks to Daniel!

Family Portrait Captured During Destination Lifestyle Shoot in Cancun by Adventure Photos

What advice would you give to families considering this type of shoot on vacation?

Just do it. You only pay for theĀ images you want, so they work very hard to make sure you want them!

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