Must Have Destination Wedding Photos

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Learn where to take the perfect destination wedding photos, so you can capture beautiful memories that will last a lifetime. One of the greatest benefits of planning your destination wedding photos with Adventures Photos, is that you will have access to beautiful backdrops and talented photographers who will curate the perfect photoshoot.

In this blog, we highlight some of our favourite destination wedding photo options that have wowed our clients and taken their wedding photography to a whole new level of fun and fabulous. Our professional photographers look forward to helping you recreate these must have wedding photos, while also catering to your unique vision for your special day.

Here is a list of the can’t-miss destination wedding photos you will want to add to your album:  

Beach Wedding - Destination Wedding Photography

Make the Ocean the Backdrop of your Wedding Party and First Look Photos

One of the main reasons people choose to get married in the tropics is so they can have a front row view of the beautiful azure ocean. Whether you choose to have a beachfront wedding or you simply want to venture down to the sea for the perfect photoshoot, the shimmering shores will create an unbelievable setting for group and personal photos.

Sunset Wedding Photography

Say Hello to a Stunning Sunset

When you plan a destination wedding, you can take golden hour to a whole new level. Create absolutely sensational photos, while basking in the setting sun. This approach to your post-ceremony and pre-party photos will ensure they are truly romantic – and ultra-aesthetically pleasing.

Tropical Wedding Photography

Palm Trees & Tropical Foliage

There are so many reasons why a tropical wedding is the perfect choice for a luxurious wedding, and the fact that you are completely surrounded by gorgeous natural elements is certainly one of them. Make your wedding dress pop with a backdrop of lush greenery by posing in front of palm trees and tropical foliage, which contribute a lovely array of colours, greens and textural nuances to wedding photos.

Destination Wedding Photography at Stunning Resorts

Stunning Lobbies are a Wonderful Choice for Brides and Grooms who Have an Appreciation for Architecture

When you choose a high-quality hotel to host your wedding in, you will have endless options for photos. This is especially true because the hotels our professional photographers partner with have carefully designed their spaces to reflect our shared dedication to style, elegance and tropical flare.

From creative lighting fixtures to unique tiles and mosaics, you and your loved ones can make the most out of your hotel’s lobby and other communal spaces. And, don’t forget about those sweeping staircases where you can create dramatic photos and perfectly pose with all your wedding party members for a sophisticated shot.

Mexico Destination Wedding Photography

Local Culture Can Distinguish your Photos & Add Some Adventure into your Photography

Incorporate local touches, such as tequila, salsa dancer flare or a mariachi band to showcase the destination you have chosen to celebrate your love. Your Adventure Photos photographer can help you choose unique features that will be as beautiful as they are entertaining.

Trash the Dress Wedding Photo

Pack a Second Wedding Outfit, so you can get the Ultimate Photo of Trashing your Dress

South of the border, in your upscale tropical landscape, is the perfect place to trash the dress. This is especially true if you are planning your wedding in Cancun where there are an abundance of natural, bright blue cenotes. Dive into your hotel pool, a cenote or the ocean and say goodbye to your wedding dress is the best possible way.


Destination Beach Wedding Photographers

Snap a Photo with your Toes in the Sand

Kick off your heels and loafers, and stick your toes in the sand for a sweet photo with a beachy keen theme. Show off your pedicure and snap some cute pictures down by the water. Consider writing your initials, wedding date or favourite saying in the sand and add some seashells in for good measure.

Tropical Destination Wedding Photographers

Now that you have a list of the must-have destination wedding photos, you can start planning with Adventure Photos on how to get the very best shots.

Our professional destination wedding photography team will know your venue inside and out, so they can help you discover the best places to capture your perfect moments. Reach out to our photo artists today and we will help you check off every one of the photos you most want to keep for the rest of your life.




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