Stunning Couples Photo Shoot at Dreams Vistas

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Megan & Luke

Romantic Couple's Photo Session

It was a pleasure to photograph Megan and Luke’s romantic vacation memories at Dreams Vista Resort in Cancun. Our talented Adventure Photos’ lifestyle photographer, Francesco, was honored to have the opportunity to document their adorable love story and we cannot wait to share it with you.

How did you meet?

Luke and Megan met in 2015 while they were both on vacations in Cancun, Mexico. Megan’s family was on her senior trip for her graduating high school and Luke’s family was on his trip after getting his two year associate degree from college. Their dads met at a restaurant at the hotel and both got to talking about their families on the trip with them and how they both had kids the same age. Later in the week, the two families ran into each other around the hotel and the dads recognized each other and began to introduce their families. When Luke and Megan first met, they each knew it was something special!

Romantic lifestyle photo session with couple of vacation in Cancun

What is your favorite thing about your partner?

Megan’s favorite thing about Luke is how big he dreams and how deeply he loves. He is constantly thinking of new ways to grow his self employed business to build a legacy for their family one day. Luke’s favorite thing about Megan is how genuine and passionate she is for life. She has a true gift of spreading joy everywhere she goes.

Couples photography session at Dreams Vista Resort in Cancun captured by Adventure Photos

What is your favorite style of date night?

Megan and Luke’s date nights typically involve either being curled up on the couch in comfy clothes for a movie, or going out to a nice dinner and dressing in overly fancy matching clothes. They love a night in just as much as a night out! 

Couples photo shoot at Dreams Vista Resort in Cancun with onsite photographers Adventure Photos

What drew you to having a lifestyle photography shoot with Adventure Photos, were you celebrating something special? 

Megan had definitely been overly excited and already told Luke how she wanted to get pictures taken in Mexico. With it being the place where they met over 6 years ago and coming back married it seemed perfect. When Megan saw the adventure photo stand in the hotel lobby Luke knew exactly where she was heading! Fernando was at the stand and was so welcoming. He showed Luke and Megan some of the photos taken previously and they were both blown away and excited to get their own done! 

Beach resort couples photo shoot captured by Adventure Photos lifestyle photographers

What was your experience like working with your Adventure Photos photographer?

Francesco was Megan and Luke’s photographer and he was AMAZING! He was fun, silly, and very friendly. He did an amazing job at breaking down the shots one by one into what sort of picture he was hoping to get out of it and what the purpose was. He also gave great insight and feedback on locations and poses. He truly helped make the photos look the best possible! 

Couples photography session on the beach with Adventure Photos' onsite resort photographer for Dreams Vistas in Cancun

What was your favorite photograph? What makes it so special?

Choosing a favorite photograph is hard- they were all SO beautiful. The one in black and white taken on the beach is one of our favorites. Our first date ever was actually walking on the beach together in Mexico. To be able to sort of re create that six years later was truly magical. 

Candid couples photo on the beach during romantic vacation to Dreams Vistas Resort

If you could give advice to couples considering a photo shoot, what would it be?

If they could give any advice to couples considering a photo shoot with adventure photos it would be to 100% do the photo shoot. The photos are so special and truly more beautiful than any they have had taken before. The staff was so friendly and made the experience wonderful. Given the chance, they would do another photo shoot with them whenever they could. The company is amazing at what they do, and it shows throughout the whole process.

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