Meet Our Photographers: Denny Candelario

Isabel Luna - 26/04/2023 - 0 comments

Denny Candelario

On-Site Photographer at Dreams Macao

Denny Candelario is one of our talented team of professional photographers based at Dreams Macao Beach, Dominican Republic, who has a talent in capturing the fun personalities of the people he photographs. 

However, it is his amazing ability to illustrate through photography the connection his clients have with each other that make his images so unique.

Where are you from?

I am originally from San Pedro de Macoris and mostly miss my family and friends from there

When & how did you get started as a photographer?

I started more than 11 years ago taking photographs of clients in the hotels and have continually grown my knowledge and skill in photography to become a destination wedding photographer.


What part of being a photographer do you love the most?

My favorite part of being a photographer is seeing the expression on my clients faces when they see a photo that I took. It conveys that photography is something more than pressing a button!


What is your favorite style of photography?

My favorite style of photography is family portraits


Where is your favorite location to photograph?

One of my favorite places is the beach where you can see the sky with its intense blue and the blue of the sea contrasting with the white of the waves!


What is your “must have” piece of equipment?

I love to shoot with a Canon 6d Mark II with a 24-70mm lens

What is your favorite part about working as a destination photographer with Adventure Photos?

My favorite part is that with Adventure Photos I have been able to grow more as a photographer, there is always something new to learn.

What was the most memorable photo session or wedding you have shot & why?

There are so many memorable sessions and weddings is hard to name just one but there was one family from Miami who were really happy with my work and for me that was a truly memorable moment.

What are your favorite type of photographs and why?

My favorite photographs are the ones of the children, capturing their unique personalities!


How did you begin working with Adventure Photos? What hotel are you currently working at?

After a successful interview I started working at Adventure Photos at the Dreams Palm Beach hotel


What advice would you give to clients prior to their photo session

I always recommend that they stay calm and I try to see if they have any ideas of what they would like me as a photographer to capture in their session.


What’s your technique to have clients relax during a shoot?

There are many ways, I always try and make them smile


Do you prefer to be in front of or behind the camera?

Behind the camera

Are you looking for a photographer to capture your wedding or engagement? Contact the team at Adventure Photos today.

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