Meet Our Photographers: Daniel Perez

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Daniel Perez

On-Site Photographer at Dreams Playa Mujeres

Daniel Perez is an on-site photographer at Dreams Playa Mujeres who has a talent for capturing beautiful, candid shots of the couples and families he works with at Adventures Photos.

Read on to learn more about Daniel’s 8-year career in photography and to find out how he helps clients feel less nervous during photo shoots.

Daniel Perez, Onsite Destination Photographer at Dreams Playa Mujeres

Where are you from?

I’m from the Los Andes mountains in Venezuela.

How did you get started as a photographer?

12 years ago I was finishing a degree in science teaching, I love science but I was also looking for something where I could be more creative and express myself. I was also wanting to make new friends, meet interesting people, visit different cities and find beautiful places to take photos. Photography was always one of my passions so I eventually quit my job as a high school science teacher and found a job as a wedding photographer assistant where I learned a lot about social events photography as well as other photography styles including street photography, travel, portraits, commercial, etc.

How long have you been a photographer for?

I have been a professional photographer for about 8 years.

Smiling couple on the beach

What is the most rewarding part of being a photographer?

When people are really happy with their photos and when they get excited because you’ve captured the beautiful moments, emotions, and essence of who they truly are in real life. 

Also, when you connect with people and get to witness the amazing human quality of people and their families while they are sharing their love and happiness.

Newly wed couple embracing on the beach
Family of four lounging at Dreams Playa Mujeres

What does photography mean to you?

Photography holds several meanings for me:

First, it’s a way to express my vision into the world by giving back and sharing all the blessings that life gave us, while at the same time you are serving people by capturing the best part of their lives through beautiful images and contributing to their happiness during their vacations. You also are expressing yourself in a creative way, so it’s always a win-win situation. 

Second, I see it as a life analogy about continuing to learn, staying focused, and admiring the beauty of the world. Photography also means you have to keep an eye on the present moment while also being prepared for when the right moment/light/opportunity arises. You really learn that life is always in motion so you need to surf the moment but also stay firm on your principles and your goals. 

What is your favorite style of photography?

I like to take photos in different ways depending on the context or the event so I offer a variety of different styles depending on if it is a wedding, family photo session, engagement photos, etc. Personally, I love lifestyle photography but I do more documentary, traditional and some artistic photos.

Close up of wedding rings
Couple holding hands against the wall at Dreams Playa Mujeres

Where is your favorite location to photograph?

 I prefer the outdoors rather than indoors. Beautiful scenery and lighting make a significant difference, good lighting is key.

What is your preferred piece of equipment?

I love full-frame cameras and prime lenses as well as speedlight flashes during the day and video lights at night or in low light conditions. I also enjoy using zoom lenses as they are more versatile for events.

What is your favorite part about working with Adventure Photos?

You are always learning and creating beautiful photos, making new friends, getting to know lovely families, and witnessing beautiful moments during weddings. Sometimes there are long shifts or full-day services but at the end of the day, you arrive home energized and happy because you are doing what you love, honoring your job and the people that gave you the opportunity to contribute to their lives with your images.

Couple kissing with wedding party at beach destination wedding
Boy lying in the sand and smiling
Bridesmaids and bride getting ready.

What was the most memorable photo session or wedding you have captured?

My most memorable photo session was the Gustafson wedding I shot last year. They were the most positive, happy, loving, caring, cheerful, optimistic and beautiful family I have ever met. I did a full wedding service with them during their wedding day and also a family photo session with them and their little baby girl the following day. I had the opportunity to get to know them pretty well which was very special to me because I could feel the love in every moment of their wedding. Every moment was full of emotions, I almost cried during the ceremony and vows and also while listening to the speeches during the reception. We also had colorful sunset that day and the fireworks at the end of the day made the day more than special. 

I was surprised because even when it was a bit cloudy on the wedding day and they wanted sunset pictures, suddenly against all odds the clouds went away and a beautiful multicolor orange sunset appears for them and we could capture beautiful images. 

Silhouette of a Couple Kissing at Sunset
Laughing parents holding their baby up in the air

How did you begin working with Adventure Photos? What hotel are you currently working at?

I came to Cancun for holidays but I was also looking for a job in photography and fell in love with the beautiful Caribbean beaches and multicolor waters as well as the tropical lifestyle so decided to apply to Adventure Photos. Since I had wedding photography experience and had just finished my English language studies in Ireland, it was the perfect moment. I was hired about 5 years ago now and since then I have been living the Caribbean dream in the Dreams Playa Mujeres Resort Gallery! 

Newly wed couple kissing on the beach at sunset

How do you make clients less nervous during a shoot?

With good communication and by giving them the security that they are going to have beautiful images. Sometimes explaining the process is helpful so they can know what to expect and what to do. A good sense of humor and patience also helps as well as showing some photos of the session in your camera as you go so they can see that all is going well. 

If you could give advice to clients prior to their photo session, what would it be?

Talk to your photographer about what kind of photos you have in mind, ask all your questions, trust in their abilities and advice, be open to new ideas, and enjoy the photo session. 

Couple getting married on the beach

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