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We had so much fun capturing Kara & Steven’s beautiful destination wedding at Dreams Las Mareas in Costa Rica. Our professional on-site wedding photographer Alejandro Hernandez did an incredible job in ensuring their vision was brought to life through the amazing images that captured all the fun moments of their day.

Read on to learn more about why this young couple chose a destination wedding so that their wedding memories with family and friends could be shared over several days and not just a few hours!

Where and how did you meet your partner?

Kara and Steven met while in high school in 2007 but did not start dating until they both met each other while out with a mutual friend at the club in October 2015.

Describe your partner in one word. And tell us why

Kara would describe Steven as “genuine” because what you see is what you get. Steven has a heart of gold and is a man of his word.

Steven would describe Kara as “caring” because she values the people in her life and truly cares for the feelings of others. 

When did you know they were the “one” and why?

Kara knew Steven was the one when they got back together after taking some space apart. She was proud to see how hard Steven was willing to fight for their relationship, and knew that with him, they could get through anything.

           Steven knew Kara was the one when they took some time apart, and he felt that  

           something was missing in his days. He knew she was the one because of how    

           much he missed her. 

What was the proposal like?

Steven proposed to Kara in their home in New Jersey on Christmas morning. Steven remembers feeling nervous and excited, and froze when he got down on one knee. He tried setting up his phone to record the moment but Kara took too long to come downstairs and his phone stopped recording.

Why did you decide to have a destination wedding instead of a local wedding?

Steven and Kara couldn’t imagine celebrating for just a few short hours. They really wanted quality time with their family and friends, and believed the best way to do this was to go on vacation together. Neither of them had gone to Costa Rica, and wanted to see somewhere new!

What part of your wedding planning was the most fun?

Receiving alerts as guests were booking!

What was the most memorable moment of your wedding day??

For Kara- dancing the night away with family and friends, and of course the fireworks. 

For Steven- It would be waiting for the ceremony to start. There was so much excitement and so much to look forward to in those moments. 

What was your experience like working with your Adventure Photos photographer/videographer?

Fun! We enjoyed the unique photos that we took, and enjoyed Alejandro’s vision. Communication was quick and easy and we felt confident that we chose the right photographers for our special day.

If you could give advice to couples considering a destination wedding, what would it be?

DO IT. One day is not enough to celebrate something so special, plus you will leave with more memories than just the wedding day. Would definitely recommend hiring a wedding planner though, since it can often be tough to coordinate everything when you are not in the same country. 

Of all your wedding photographs what was your favorite one and why?

For Kara, it is so tough to choose but it would be either the shot of the first kiss as husband and wife because the moment was captured so beautifully, and you can see pure happiness, or the photo with Kara and her dad after their first look when the wind causes the veil to wrap them together. That picture is hysterical and the smiles on their faces are so genuine.

For Steven: The photo of Steven’s dad hugging Kara after their speech because it was a very genuine, candid moment.

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