How to Plan The Best Romantic Photo Shoot

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During your tropical vacation why not take advantage of the location and book an intimate, romantic photo shoot? While booking a photo shoot in a different country can be daunting, we can help with how to plan the best romantic photo shoot that will capture your love and the beautiful scenery.

Pick a Location That Fits

Husband and wife making heart shape with hands

Every couple has its own unique relationship. The same thing should be considered when selecting where to have your photos taken. You want to select a place, or multiple places, that truly represent your relationship. The location can affect your mood, mindset, and comfortability during a photo shoot. The great thing about destination romantic couple photo shoots is that there are multiple locations to choose from!

Romantic Beach Shots

Husband and wife posing on beach for a romantic photoshoot

If you’re looking for a place with love in the air, look no further than the beach. It’s the perfect place to walk hand-in-hand together or dabble your toes in the ocean. The beach is beautiful during the morning and night which allows you to pick a time that works best for you. The beach also offers a casual vibe that can work well to help loosen your nerves and allow your personality to shine.

Surround Yourself with Nature

Husband and wife posing in front of nature backdrop

Find a hidden garden for an intimate photo shoot. You can share a romantic moment with each other and allow the photographer to capture it. The greenery can also be used to create contrasting images and add pops of color. If you’re a couple that enjoys spending time together in nature, this is the perfect time to express that through photographs.

Show Your Wild Side

Are you both adventure seekers? No problem. Take advantage of the many cliffs that surround the beaches at your destination. Climb to the top and tangle your feet over the edge while your photographer snaps a picture. Not only does this showcase both of your personalities, it tells a story of your love that will last will be memorialized in photos.

Choose the Perfect Time of Day

Silhouette of husband and wife during sunset romantic photoshoot

The time of day you pick for your romantic photo shoot is just as important as finding the perfect location. It can work wonders for setting the mood that you want. The best romantic photo shoots happen during golden hour, the period of the day shortly after sunrise and before sunset. The light provides the perfect magic for creating a warm setting and provides different angles to take photos in. The golden hour also creates the most beautiful sunsets.

What to Wear

Couple running and splashing through water on the beach

Outside of the other things to plan for your romantic photo shoot, choosing what to wear might be low on the list. It’s important to consider what you and your partner will be wearing to complement each other. The most important thing to consider is what you’ll both be comfortable in. This isn’t the time to try the latest trends or a new pair of shoes. Wear what you know you like and what is comfortable. You want to feel good. What you want to avoid is clashing with your partner. Select clothing and colors that are complementary to be the perfect pair in your photos.

Plan Activities Instead Of Poses

Couple eating dinner on beach during sunset

Posing does not come naturally for everyone. The pressure to strike the perfect pose can turn a fun, casual photo shoot into a stressful event. Forget the poses and schedule activities that you both love to help capture special moments. Book a private tour and bring along your photographer. If you are foodies, plan the photo shoot around a romantic dinner. If you like exploring, visit a nearby city and enjoy your time together. When you plan activities, special moments just naturally occur.

Capture Candid Moments Together

Couple embracing on staircase for romantic photoshoot

Sometimes it’s the beautiful candid moments that we cherish for decades to come. These are the photos of a secret kiss, a whisper in each other’s ears, or a simple touch of hands. Capture the moments that will help recreate the emotions that you felt when you first met. These moments are easy for your photographer to grab photos of as it captures the love you feel for each other.

Have Fun on Your Photo shoot

Husband carrying wife on beach for romantic photoshoot

A romantic photo shoot captures your unique personalities. Now is the time to shine and be yourselves, whatever that might be. Add in the unique elements that make your relationship special. Incorporate your quirky side that makes your relationship stand out from others. Create a playlist of your favorite songs that will keep you dancing, laughing, and comfortable. Work with your photographer to create shots that capture your fun side.

The Best Romantic Photo Shoot with Adventure Photos

Capture the picture-perfect destination and your love with a romantic couple photoshoot with a professional photographer from Adventure Photos. Adventure Photos understands the importance of memorializing your relationship in pictures. We help to create memories that will last a lifetime, through photographs. Capture your love and candid moments with our lifestyle photography services. Contact us today to book your romantic photo shoot.

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