How to Find the Best Wedding Photographer

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Knowing how to find a good wedding photographer is not necessarily a skill everybody is born with. If you are not a photographer yourself and have no experience working in the wedding industry, it’s perfectly normal if you don’t know exactly how to get started. You may have even be wondering why hire a professional photographer when an enthusiastic hobbyist might do it for free! 

If that’s you, we’re glad you’re here. Fortunately, you don’t have to be an expert, you just need to do a little research and talk to the right people.

Why Hire a Professional Photographer

For starters, don’t listen when your neighbor tells you they know how to find a wedding photographer because their uncle’s friend’s daughter just bought a fancy camera. It’s also acceptable to turn down a close friend or family member who offers to shoot for a great price. Unless you know someone who is a licensed professional photographer with experience shooting weddings, and who is willing and able to show you a gallery of their work, you should always hire out.

The Benefits of an In-House Photographer

You’ll be even happier if you hire a professional photographer who works with the venue or in conjunction with your wedding planner. Check out some of the benefits of hiring an in-house professional for your big day.


  • Experience – When it comes to your wedding, the experience you will have is not overrated. There will be many different backgrounds, lighting situations, live events, and interference. It takes skill to navigate all of this and often requires professional lighting equipment or special lenses to get the look you want.
  • Memories – In 10 years, when you look back on your wedding, the photos will be the purest form of memories. You won’t care if Uncle Joe saved you a few bucks if he was a second too late capturing the first kiss or several images are too dark or grainy.
  • Quality & Products – Many photographers include prints or albums, and those who don’t know exactly how to get the right resolution for the best products so you can print them yourself.
  • Details – Someone with experience knows how to work with the flow of the event. They will be present for all the important moments without missing the artistic shots of details like the decor, flowers, and cake.
  • Vendor/Venue Relationship – When a photographer regularly works with the same hotel or vendors, they know the best places and angles to shoot to get a beautiful image. They are able to get through a lot of photos more quickly without trial and error to find what looks good. Plus, they know if there are rules about where they can shoot and the hotel trusts them to comply.
  • Cut Down on Fees – An in-house photographer will also save you on extra fees that other parties are charged for shooting on the property of the venue.
  • Fast Turnaround – Professional photographers know how to edit and complete digital images, which means they have a process in place for getting your images to you more quickly.
  • Archive Access – If for some reason, something happens to your copies of your wedding photos, a professional has archives and can resend them to you.
  • Less Research – Choosing an in-house photographer means sorting through fewer people and less time figuring out how to find a wedding photographer. 
  • Convenient – Hiring an in-house photographer is also extremely convenient because you can ask questions directly and review their portfolio images quickly. Plus, in-house photographers can be booked to do separate coverage for rehearsal dinners, honeymoon shoots, and more. 
  • Family Can Relax – Finally if your family and friends are not taking pictures, they can enjoy the ceremony and be fully present for your special moments.


How to Hire a Wedding Photographer

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The most important thing to learn about how to hire a wedding photographer is to look for inspiration ahead of time and figure out what style of images you prefer. Then, look for a photographer who matches that style. You’ll also want to narrow it down based on whose prices fit your budget and whose personality meshes best with yours. It helps to set up interviews, get to know them, and ask a lot of questions before making a commitment.

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