Finding the Perfect Wedding Shoes

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Although the wedding dress may be the most important decision of your wedding attire, choosing the perfect pair of shoes is a close second. Shoes are the ultimate bridal accessory and a symbol of your personality and the mood of the wedding. Maybe you want them to make a fashion statement or simply be comfortable. There’s no greater feeling than finding those PERFECT wedding shoes, whether it’s designer heels, strappy sandals, or a comfortable pair of Converse sneakers, the possibilities are endless.

It is your day and your decision, you should love your wedding shoes and feel good in them!

What Kind of Shoes to Wear for a Wedding
Picking Shoes for Your Wedding

What Kind of Shoe Should You Wear For Your Wedding?

Many factors go into determining the style of shoe you wear on your wedding day.

  • What is the overall bridal look you are going for?
  • Is it a beachy casual environment or a formal event?
  • Where is your wedding being held, is it at a church or a destination wedding?
  • Do you need a pair for the ceremony and a different pair for dancing at the reception?

Of course, the dress also plays a major role in this decision, if you have a shorter dress, the shoes can be a major statement piece, in longer dresses even if you can’t see them you want to feel good in them.

Consider Comfortable When Choosing Your Wedding Shoes

Style is important but so is comfort.

Do you want to be dressed up in heels or comfortable in a pair of flatter sandals? Look for wedding shoe inspiration and ideas in magazines, social media, and Pinterest or ask your chosen wedding photographer if they have images they can share with you.

What Style of Shoe to Choose for Your Wedding
Comfortable Wedding Shoes

Find the Best Shoes for Your Beach Wedding

Beach weddings are unique as walking on sand is more difficult than walking down an aisle, so a wedge heel or barefoot sandals are ideal to complete your bridal look, save your higher heels for the evening reception.

Beach Wedding Foot Jewellery
Best Shoes for a Beach Wedding

When Should You Buy Your Wedding Shoes?

Some brides already have a designer pair of shoes in mind for their wedding day or maybe you need to determine the style of dress you will buy first so you can match the shoes to it. Some even buy the dress to match the wedding shoes!

If you are wearing a shorter wedding dress then you have plenty of time to decide which pair of shoes to buy, take a few pairs home and try them on with the dress to ensure they match it perfectly.

If you have a longer style dress then it’s important to buy the shoes for the wedding before any dress fittings and bring them to the appointments with the dressmaker or tailor.  The height of the heel will determine the adjustments that needed to be made for the wedding.

You may also want to match your wedding shoes to other accessories you will be adding to your overall bridal look.

When Should You Buy Wedding Shoes
Wedding Shoes & Accessories

Break-in Your Bridal Shoes for the Big Day

As much as you may enjoy making a fashion statement, having shoes that are comfortable is crucial on your wedding day. You will be on your feet for the majority of the day and dealing with pinched pinkie toes is no fun at all.

It’s always best to compromise between style and comfort when choosing your wedding shoes or consider changing shoes for the evening reception so you are able to dance the night away. When shopping for that perfect wedding shoe, try them on, make sure you feel good in them, and can confidently walk in them.

Always break in new shoes by wearing them around the house in a carpeted location for a few hours at a time before your big day, this can significantly reduce any discomfort or pain on your wedding day.

Ceremony Wedding Shoes
Comfortable & Sparkly Wedding Shoes

What Color Wedding Shoe Should You Choose?

Classic wedding shoe colors are normally white, champagne, ivory, or natural colors but there are no rules when it comes to picking your perfect bridal shoes, it is your special day and your choice.

You can choose your wedding shoes to complement your dress or a pair that makes a bold statement or holds sentimental value. Some brides match the color with the colors of their bridal party or bouquet.

Blue Wedding Shoes
Unique Wedding Shoes

Customize Your Wedding Shoes

Why not customize your wedding shoes by writing a sweet message on the bottom? They create the perfect wedding picture and a special surprise when kneeling at the alter or dancing.

Some brides like to add a little bling or lace to create a unique look and personalize their wedding shoes

Custom Wedding Shoes
Wedding Shoe Decals

Adventure Photos

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Unique Wedding Footwear
Selecting Shoes for Your Wedding

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