Creative Ways to Trash the Dress

Isabel Luna - 30/04/2020 - 0 comments

Your wedding dress is a central feature of your special day, one that expresses your personality and makes you feel confident. Perhaps the only keepsake more important is your wedding photos, which is why many couples have chosen to incorporate trash the dress photos into their wedding packages. If you don’t mind a little mess and destruction, these trash the dress ideas can help you feature your gown and personality in a way that will be forever frozen in time.

Trash the Dress on the Beach

Destination weddings are the perfect opportunity for trash-the-dress beach photos. After a ceremony and reception surrounded by stunning tropical landscapes, why not have some fun in the sand? 

bride and groom standing barefootTake a walk down the boardwalk, wade through the shoreline, or lay in the sand together for a classic look. You can also write your names in the sand or photograph your footprints. For a more creative twist, try building a sandcastle together, bury the groom in the sand, or get wet and muddy and add some, shells, and starfish to look like you’ve washed ashore.

Add Some Color

If you really want to get crazy, there are many ways to add color to your dress in a fun way. Throw colored powder at each other, have a paintball fight (with helmets and other protection, of course), or even just toss some paint right on the dress. Use colored powder on the beach for a fun combination of color and a tropical backdrop. You could also use colored glitter for a touch of sparkle.

Trash the Dress Underwater

bride swimming underwater

Wearing your wedding dress underwater is a favorite of adventurous couples and results in amazing photos. For safety reasons, the ocean is not a suggested location; however, most resorts have plenty of beautiful options for this type of shoot. Swimming pools are great for getting that zero gravity effect with your dress and veil floating around you. 

couple underwater in their wedding clothes

If your destination wedding is in Mexico, you can also take a dip in a cenote. These freshwater sinkholes sometimes resemble the ocean floor when viewed underwater or surrounded by tropical scenery.

While you can choose to take a dip to get some amazing photos, you don’t need to go underwater for a trash-the-dress photo shoot. A trash-the-dress shoot is more about getting the dress wet and having fun taking pictures you’ll never have the chance to capture again. You only wear a wedding dress once—why not make the most of your time in your beautiful gown? 

Waterfall Wedding Dress Photos

Another great option for trashing the dress after a destination wedding is to stand under or behind a waterfall. The cascading water creates a dreamy backdrop and works for both fun and romantic poses. Add an umbrella if you want a pop of color.

Adventure Photos

couple on their wedding day posing in a beautiful cave like landscape

We love helping brides are grooms capture memories of their dream weddings, and trash-the-dress photos are some of our favorite pictures to take. 

Contact Adventure Photos for your Mexico destination wedding and trash the dress photos. Our professional and experienced photographers will help you capture the perfect images of your big day. Visit our online photo galleries for more wedding photo inspiration and trash the dress ideas.

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