Creative ideas for family photos during your vacation

Isabel Luna - 28/01/2021 - 0 comments

Creative Family Photo on the Beach During Vacation Captured by Adventure Photos

At Adventure Photos, we love helping families capture really special moments, and one of the ways we help you do this is by exploring options for creative family photos while on vacation. Our professional photographers have years of experience working with wonderful families to create lasting memories. So, it makes sense we’ve picked up a few fun ways to really show off your familial pride while enjoying your tropical getaway.

Read over some of the ideas our lifestyle photographers have thought up and previously captured and let us know how we can help make your visit to Mexico or the Caribbean even more special with reliable, professional family photography.

Get creative with your outfits

Three Generations of Woman with Bright Outfits in Family Vacation Photo by Adventure Photos

You’re on vacation, so your outfits are already likely a lot more colourful than normal. Make the most of fun patterns and create photos that pop with florals, bold designs and bright palettes. Take your awesome wardrobe a step further by wearing matching clothes – either in big colours or white – to create a really unified display of your fabulous family love fest.

Forget the stagnant poses, move, and groove around the beach

Dad and Mom Candid Vacation Photo with Child by Adventure Photos

Instead of standing there, arms wrapped around waists, get moving! Whether you want us to snap a few of those infamous jumping shots or you want to toss a kid or two up on top of your shoulders, we are happy to chase you around and get just the right angles for this high-energy action shots.

The resort truly is your playground, so you can get these great photos while running into the water, building sandcastles on the beach or exploring your favourite pathway, pool or kids’ play area.  

Other poses our creative clients love to do with their families

Son Running to Mother and Father on Resort Beach in Lifestyle Photoshoot by Adventure Photos

If you’re bringing the whole family on your vacation, the options for fun and meaningful photos really are endless. Some of our clients absolutely love the close-up shots that show off their children’s beautiful features and others want to ensure they make the most of their beautiful backdrops by doing things like capturing the sunset or using a wide-angle lens by the ocean.

Fun Family Photo on Beach During Vacation by Adventure Photos

Whether you want to capture your little ones looking on horrified as you and your partner smooch or you want the whole family holding hands looking out across the sunny shore, we’re happy to accommodate your creative vision.

Reach out to Adventure Photos and we’ll work together to plan your perfect family photoshoot

Family Photo at Sunset During Resort Vacation by Adventure Photos

When you arrive at your resort, come visit our conveniently located photo gallery to chat about the places, options and professional lifestyle photography services you can take advantage of during your stay. We are so excited to help you take home what are the best possible keepsakes from your vacation.

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