How to Choose a Destination Wedding Photographer

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How to Choose a Destination Photographer


Choosing a destination wedding photographer doesn’t have to be scary, but it does take time, thoughtfulness and an appropriate budget to ensure your photos align with your high expectations. When you plan a wedding in your hometown, likely you know someone who knows a photographer who can snap the photos of your special day. However, when you go abroad, you are likely going to need to rely on someone you may not know – or may have never met, except via a virtual consultation.

Make sure you get to know your photographer

We have all seen wedding photos where the couple looks uncomfortable, the camera is off and the album is totally devoid of the couple’s particular personalities. When booking a destination photographer, you may be tempted to choose whoever comes up first in your Google search. But, it’s essential that you listen to suggestions from your resort, previous guests and local experts to ensure you are getting the best-possible photographer for your big day.

Sometimes, resorts professionally collaborate with photography companies who only work with experienced and talented individuals – such as is the case with Adventure Photos, an international photography company who works all through Mexico, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica and more. Adventure Photos partner with resorts and our esteemed travelers to offer highly personalized experiences where we get to know the bride and groom ahead of time, so we can better cater to their vision throughout the entirety of their celebration.

Your wedding is not a test run for an inexperienced photographer

You cannot redo the most special moments of your wedding celebration, so if your photographer is not fully prepared and ready to snap away, you may miss out on capturing the memories you never want to fade. Becoming an exceptional photographer takes years of experience, regardless of what Instagram tries to tell you.

Before you hire a photographer, look through their portfolio; ask questions about their approach; and ensure they have a robust background in wedding photography specifically. It’s all well and good if they are great at taking foodie photos, but trust us, wedding photography is a whole different ball game. Ensure they know how to capture the romance, décor, animated faces and fashion in ways that flatter you and your event.

After years of positive collaborations with our resort partners, our photography team at Adventure Photos know exactly where – on and off the resort – to snap the most jaw-dropping photos for your engagement, wedding and honeymoon. We work as a team with hotels’ wedding planning and coordination staff to seamlessly deliver photography services that will elevate your bridal vision.


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Make sure there is no backing out – and they have a back-up

If the wedding photographer implodes the day before your wedding, who is going to show up, take photos and do your unforgettable celebration justice? Equally as important, how is your photographer going to back up and protect your photos? Will they triple and quadruple check that your precious moments are safe and not-to-be tampered with?

Do not hesitate to inquire after how they will handle emergency situations because you never know exactly how things will unfold. Further, check on timelines: ask when they will provide the first proofs of the photos and when you can look forward to the final project. This is especially important if they won’t be sending you anything until you are back across the border.

At Adventure Photos, we have a large team of skilled photographers who are available to cover shifts, in case of an emergency. So, no matter what life throws our way, there will still be a patient, compassionate and talented photographer there, ready to catch the moment you throw your bouquet.

Quality, quantity, convenience and knowledgeability

Wedding photography is an investment. Not only do they bring immediate joy when you first see your photos, but for years after, you will be able to share them with your friends, family and – even – your future children. With Adventure Photos, you get to capture all these picture perfect moments with the added bonus of having your photography based at the resort, so meeting beforehand and after is amenable to your celebration schedule.

Work with Adventures Photos if you want a courteous and well-organized visionary to execute your wedding photography vision. If you are looking for a professional photography & videography company that has been serenading couples for years with the world’s most beautiful photos, contact Adventure Photos and let’s have a conversation about how we can make your tropical celebration even more perfect with discerning photography.

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