Playful Honeymoon Photo Session at Secrets Cap Cana

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Brandon & Felicia

Stunning Destination Wedding

When planning the perfect honeymoon to Secrets Cap Cana resort, newlyweds Felicia and Brandon were sure to include a couples photo session with Adventure Photos’ Jan Volquez. Jan brought out the couples’ fun-loving and vibrant personalities into their album and provided them with honeymoon memories to last a lifetime. We love capturing love and laughter and there was plenty present during Brandon and Felicia’s shoot.

Romantic Honeymoon Photo from Lifestyle Photo Shoot at Secrets Cap Cana with Adventure Photos

How did you meet your partner?

We shared a mutual friend, who encouraged us to meet one another.  We initially connected on the phone and later, met in person for the first time at the state fair, where Brandon was working, and have been inseparable since, getting married in February 2021.  As Brandon tells it, Felicia “slid into his DM’s and then right into his heart after stalking me at the fair”. LOL!

Playful Beach Photo Shoot by Adventure Photos at Secrets Cap Cana

What is your favorite thing about your partner?

Brandon’s favorite thing about Felicia is how loving she is, and her heart for God and others.  Felicia loves how steady Brandon is in life, and how he always, always keeps his values and priorities straight.  She also loves that he has a deeply sensitive side and that he isn’t afraid to show it…but his biceps don’t hurt, either! 

What is your favorite style of date night?

Brandon enjoys any date night we get some alone time, because it’s hard with the hours we work.  “Making time for one another is important.  We haven’t been to a concert yet, but I look forward to enjoying some music together.”  Felicia loves time spent doing new things and having new experiences together – a new restaurant, a new activity, any new place – life is an adventure and getting to do it with him is the best part!

Lifestyle Photo Shoot of Couple During Honeymoon to Secrets Cap Cana by Adventure Photos

What drew you to having a honeymoon photo shoot with Adventure Photos? 

This was our first vacation together and it was important to us to capture these memories.  We wanted photos of the place where we had our honeymoon, but we also wanted pictures that captured us at this moment in time of our relationship – lighthearted, fun, full of love, and easy.  Those are good things to hold onto through the years, especially because life isn’t always like that. 

Couple Walking on Beach During Honeymoon Photo Shoot at Secrets Cap Cana by Adventure Photos

What was your experience like working with your Adventure Photos photographer?

Jan Volquez, our photographer, was AWESOME!!  He has an amazing eye for photography, and he has such a bright personality, we were laughing and cracking jokes the whole time.  Our smiles were genuine and he was excellent at helping us find the right positioning for poses, making it feel effortless.  It really felt like we were with an old friend, which allowed us to relax and open up, and allowed him to be more creative.  Ultimately, that atmosphere really allowed Jan to capture us for who we are in the photos.  It wasn’t just enjoyable for us, but the people around us too – Jan was great at interacting with everyone and sharing the fun.

Reflection of Couple in Glass Window During Honeymoon Photo Shoot Captured by Adventure Photos

What was your favorite photograph & why?

Brandon’s favorite photograph was the one of us in the reflection of the window.  As a couple, you are a reflection – a reflection of the love shared with each other and a reflection of the appreciation we have for the creator (God) for bringing us together.  He said, “Jan probably didn’t know he was capturing all that, but that’s what happens in a genuine relationship – walls are let down and beautiful things come from that, like this photo.”   Felicia’s favorite photos came from the waterfall – the images were beautiful, but the memories we made laughing with Jan in the water and the genuine fun we had is what I remember when I look at them, and that’s the best part.

Photo of Couple in Waterfall Feature at Secrets Cap Cana during Lifestyle Photo Session with Adventure Photos

If you could give advice to couples considering a photo shoot, what would it be?

Bring some outfits you feel your best, most beautiful self in – but don’t forget comfort!  We didn’t wear our dressiest apparel for the shoot and I’m glad we didn’t – it allowed us to be and feel comfortable during the time we spent walking around the resort and on the beach.  Don’t be afraid to be silly – leave your self consciousness in the room!  We played in the ocean, rolled around on the beach hammocks, waded through the pools, and traded jokes and small talk with people at the pool – and that carefree, fun spirit is visible in the photos!!  Enjoy the experience with your partner, too.  Life will get busy again and you will miss those unrushed moments together in paradise – those moments of being fully seen and connected, not looked over or distant because of responsibilities and chores or other “every-day life” things.  And finally – if you are at Secrets Cap Cana, go talk to Jan.  If he is busy, wait or come back!  Allow him to see you through his camera so he can show the world who you are! 

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