Beach Wedding Photoshoot Tips

Isabel Luna - 09/03/2022 - 0 comments

The ocean is stunning and breathtaking on its own but when you decide to get married on the beach, your wedding photos will be just as striking. You can memorialize this important day in your life with wedding photos that are stunning, expressive, and intimate. Shooting on the beach offers so much potential but posing doesn’t come naturally for all of us. We’ve got you covered with our beach wedding photoshoot tips that will give you ideas for your destination wedding.  

Be Yourself! 

Bride and Groom walking along the beach

When looking at couples in wedding photos, so many of them look like perfect statuesque models. Many photographers will say that the way to achieve this look is to just be yourself! When you are having fun with your partner or wedding party, you’ll capture moments that are genuine. Striking poses can be stiff and distant. Take a tip from the ocean and go with the flow. 

Be Beach Ready 

Bride and bridesmaids with beach wedding shoes

When you’re taking wedding photos on the beach, it’s important to remember to dress appropriately. You’ll be walking on the sand while you’re taking photos so wear something comfortable on your feet. We suggest wearing shoes that you can easily walk on the sand in. When you’re comfortable, the candid photos will come naturally. 

The Golden Hour is the Perfect Hour 

Destination wedding on beach during golden hour

Some of the most striking wedding photos happen at the perfect hour, the golden hour. It is best described as an hour after sunrise and an hour before sunset. The sun is your friend during this ideal time as it casts a picture-perfect glow and captures the beautiful colors of the ocean and you. The positions and poses are endless during this time of day as you can face the sun or have your back towards it. The cast from the sun makes for a flawless intimate photo. 

Take Advantage of the Breathtaking Views 

Bride and groom in front of rocks on beach

Beach weddings aren’t just ocean views and sandy beaches. Take full advantage of the different landscapes surrounding the ocean. Many locations have dramatic rock faces that deliver fabulous photos. You can stand near them or be daring and climb the cliffs for a stunning photo. If rocks aren’t your style, use the surroundings on the beach like palm trees and piers to add different backgrounds. 

Make the Beach Your Dance Floor  

Bride and groom dancing by the ocean

If you’re looking for more natural-type photos during your beach wedding, dancing is a great choice. When you capture a photo of you both dancing together it can be intimate or fun. It’s a chance to be close together and show your personality. The great thing about making the beach your dance floor is that sand is forgiving! You can easily jump, spin, dip, or move in the sand. 

Make Time For the Sunset

Bride and groom silhouetteon a beach

When the reception starts and the fun begins, it can be hard to pull away for a tender moment. We highly suggest making time for a stunning sunset photo during your beach wedding. The breathtaking colors created by the sky and the silhouettes it creates can’t be missed. It’s the perfect time to reconnect with your partner and capture loving moments of your special day with a dramatic backdrop of the sunset. 

Use the Natural Elements 

Wedding couple with bride's veil blowing in the wind

The beach offers so many opportunities to make use of its natural surroundings. Use the wind from the ocean to easily pick up your veil to create a dramatic moment of a secret kiss with your partner. The sandy beach makes for the perfect place to stroll together, hand-in-hand. Don’t be afraid to get wet and dip into the ocean for a beautiful photo with a stunning backdrop. You won’t regret it! 

Incorporate Others

Entire bridal party jumping on a beach

Your wedding is the time when you express your love for one another in front of your family and friends. Capture moments with your wedding party on the beach by throwing your bouquets in the air or strolling side-by-side. You can also use other elements to remember your special day. Use your rings and the sand from the beach to create a contrasting photo. Remember to take a photo of your wedding ceremony set-up before you walk down the aisle to capture the moment before you say your ‘I do’s’. 

Choose Adventure Photos for your Destination Wedding Photography

When you choose to get married on the beach, you have many options to capture your special day with stunning photos. Adventure Photos is here to relax your nerves, make you comfortable, and create special memories that will last a lifetime. Let us memorialize your destination wedding with photographs that you will cherish. 

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