Beach Engagement Photo Session at Dreams Sapphire

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Jason & Megan

Our talented Adventure Photos’ photographer, Israel Martinez, had a wonderful time capturing Jason & Megan’s engagement photo session at Dreams Sapphire in sunny Cancun. Jason said it was a pleasure to have worked with Israel and that he did a great job helping Jason surprise his now Fiancé.

Read on to learn more about this couple’s love story and to see the emotional moment when Jason popped the question.

Jason & Megan kissing on the beach at Now Sapphire in Cancun.

How did you meet?

We met at our college, Kutztown University of Pennsylvania. We were both on the track and field team there.

Megan & Jason embracing and smiling at each other.

What is your favorite thing about your partner?

Jason: My thing I have grown to love most about my partner is her determination and pure drive to reach any goal she sets her mind to. Climbing over obstacles and pushing any limit that is set, nothing can stop this woman if she sets a goal for herself.

What is your favorite style of date night?

We like to choose different restaurants to try in our area. We especially have grown to love coffee dates together which sounds very simple (and typically not at night), but it’s often these small and little things that can make us the happiest and start our day off on a high note.

Close Up of Jason & Megan Kissing.

What was the proposal like? Was it a surprise? Who planned it?

So I had been planning this proposal for a few months prior to our trip. It was entirely a surprise (which I’m very proud of everyone who knew about it for keeping that secret). There were some hiccups along the way in the planning, even while we were at the resort due to weather (and Meg’s stubbornness as she didn’t want to walk on the beach), but overall it all worked out incredibly well and our photographer was very flexible and willing to help contour to our plans. 

Jason smiling and hugging Megan while Megan points to her engagement ring.

What part of wedding planning are you most looking forward to?

I think the venue because we are both outdoorsy people so it will be fun to find a place we both love.

What drew you to choosing Adventure Photos to photograph your engagement?

While researching options for photographers, I came across this company and I looked through some of their pictures and read a lot of reviews. This company had nothing but beautiful pictures and very satisfied customers in their reviews.

Woman with engagement ring on her finger

What was your experience like working with your Adventure Photos photographer?

Amazing! 10/10.They we’re readily available and efficient. Photographs came out perfect and really captured our beautiful day.

Do you have a favorite photograph? What makes it so special?

Yes I do! I love this photo because I captures everything about this special moment all in one. The pure joy and excitement on Meg’s face, the beach and ocean in the background and not to mention an excellent shot of the ring!

Jason & Megan's favorite photograph.

If you could give advice to newly engaged couples looking for a photographer, what would it be? 

If you are staying at a resort definitely look into their photographers that they partner with! Our photographer knew the resort very well and was able to make great recommendations on which spots in the resort would make for the perfect moment.

Are you looking for an engagement photographer to capture your love story? Contact the team at Adventure Photos today.

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