Babymoon Photoshoot Ideas

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Babymoon photoshoot in Mexico

Celebrate the beauty of your pregnancy in a relaxed setting with a babymoon photoshoot during your trip to Mexico or the Caribbean with Adventure Photos. There are few things in the world more precious and spectacular than that soon-to-be-mama glow, and our photographers love to customize photoshoots to cater to this special occasion.

Explore some of the neat ways our clients have designed their babymoon photos, so you can choose the style and props that best suit you and your little bean.

Beach Babymoon Photoshoot

Babymoon photoshoot on the beach in Mexico

This one is a no-brainer: when you visit Mexico or the Caribbean for your babymoon, the place you will spend the majority of your time also happens to be one of the most beautiful spots to take photos. The beach naturally creates the perfect backdrop for your maternity photoshoot. All you need to do is decide what you want to wear.

Whether you and your partner choose to match in all white or a bold pattern – or you opt for a more traditional maternity gown – the rolling waves and white sandy beaches surrounding your resort will set an idyllic tone for your bump’s photo debut.

Include Props in your Babymoon Photos

Gender reveal colour spray in babymoon photoshoot

Prop up your photo with a little something special! The props our clients have brought along to supplement their maternity photos is practically endless. From seashells through to little baby booties, figurines, lays and more, whether they be sentimental items or simply there to add a pop of colour, our Adventure Photos team will help you incorporate your props in ways that highlight their meaning.

Use a Custom Sign

Surrounded by palm trees, a gorgeous sunset and the romantic atmosphere of your resort, your Adventure Photos babymoon shoot will make a statement, regardless of which props you bring. But, a growingly popular babymoon photo trend is for mommy and daddy to bring along a sign with their wording of choice to showcase in the photos.

Perhaps this is your way of announcing the gender or you simply want to serenade your unborn baby with well wishes and love, incorporating a “coming soon” banner or frame can add humor or sentiment to your babymoon photoshoot.

Let the big brother or big sister join in

Son with mom for babymoon photoshoot

What’s more amazing than a babymoon with you and your hubby? One where you get to bring along the big brother or big sister of your soon-to-be little one! We absolutely love helping the whole family look and feel their best during a babymoon photoshoot. Some of our photography clients want to do a themed shoot for their family or they want to add a “haha” moment with a sign built just for the older sibling. However your family wants to pose, we are here to support your vision.

Floral photoshoot

Babymoon photoshoot with flower

Whether it is floral crowns, floral necklaces, bouquets or garden photos, incorporating floral accents into your babymoon photography is a sure-fire way to create a uniquely beautiful setting for you and your baby-to-be. How about a floral swing or backdrop? Our Adventure Photos team and our friends at the resort will happily cater to your colourful design dreams.

Plan your babymoon photoshoot today and celebrate this pivotal time in your family’s life with gorgeous custom photography at the resort of your choice.

Photoshoot of mother-to-be on a beach in Mexico

One of the best parts of working with Adventure Photos is that we are onsite at your resort – and so is our photography centre. That means, not only can we make ourselves available for your photoshoot whenever it best suits your vacation, but after your babymoon photos are taken, we can show them to you and help you choose which ones to print, further design and frame.

Contact us today about all the options for your starring role as a magnificent mama-to-be!

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